POC: Pastor Rick, 402-875-1569.

Confirmation instruction usually refers to the two year program for youth which prepares them to publically confess their faith and re-affirm the promises made on their behalf at Baptism. Through instructions and discussions, being mentored by an adult believer, service projects and worship services, our youth are prepared for living as God's own in today's world.

Our aim is to take the knowledge from the head to the heart, from the class to life.

At Faith young people usually begin their confirmation instructions when they are in the 7th grade, completing the program the following year. The first year class is most often instructed by one of the members of Faith and the second year is taught by the pastor. Most often the service of Affirmation of Baptism is held on Pentecost Sunday.

The highlight of the confirmation program for parents, sponsors, mentors and the whole congregation is not just the service, but especially the time when we all come together to listen to those who will be confirmed sharing their faith and being willing to both ask and answer questions about the life in Christ. It is a joy to hear young people speak about their trust in Jesus and their desire to live their lives as those who follow Jesus in everything. Confirmation instructions are held

n Wednesday evenings from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. During Advent and Lent, the class participates in the mid-week worship services.

If you would like more information regarding confirmation classes, please contact the church office: 392-5076 flcsec@qwestoffice.net

Membership classes for adults who want to affirm their own baptism, or to be baptized into Jesus Christ are offered twice a year as there is need. For the next class, contact the church office: 392-5076 flcsec@qwestoffice.net